En Mundosol Quality nos ponemos la nariz roja de Pupaclown

At Mundosol Quality we wear Pupaclown’s red nose


There are many resources that Mundosol Quality has dedicated and dedicate to sponsorship and patronage activities: culture, sport, research, helping others … The CSR activity at Mundosol Quality is quite quantitative.

Since last year, as a result of our organization’s concern to return to society a part of what it offers us, we have embarked on a very magical collaboration with Pupaclow. After learning about the social, human and educational work that the Hospital de Murcia Clown Association does with children and young people hospitalized almost immediately, we put on the ‘red nose of clowns’.

Mundosol Quality’s collaboration with Pupaclow consists of providing them with the necessary means so that a couple of clowns can carry out their work in the hospital one day a week every day of the year.

All the collaborations that we do from Mundosol Quality are special since we select our ‘traveling companions’ very well, but it is true that the one from Pupaclown is magical.

Mundosol Quality is a Murcian company, with a marked family character, dedicated to the cultivation, both conventional and organic, handling and marketing of citrus fruits, mainly lemons.