Huella de Carbono

Certified our effort to reduce the impact of the ‘carbon footprint’


The ‘carbon footprint’ is an environmental indicator that aims to reflect “the totality of greenhouse gases emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, organization, event or product”

Thus, for several campaigns, at Mundosol Quality we have set out to become aware of the amount of emissions that we discharge given our task as farmers and, therefore, to work on reducing them.

Together with the Ministry for Ecological Transition, we measure the emissions of our work and assess the needs of this work. After that, we work on the possibility of changing or modifying routines or tools for others that reduce gas emissions.

At Mundosol Quality we consider it essential to allocate resources to work on growing healthier products, in all aspects, and taking care of our environment.

Our efforts to reduce our de carbon footprint ’is one more measure of the decalogue of‘ organic farming ’that we apply to all of our farms.

Mundosol Quality is a Murcian company, with a marked family character, dedicated to the cultivation, both conventional and organic, handling and marketing of citrus fruits, mainly lemons.