Fruit Logistica 2020 Mundosol Quality

Fruit Logistica 2020 a great fair for Mundosol Quality


One more year the German event has endorsed its position as the unavoidable international event of the first half of the year. During the three days, since last Wednesday was inaugurated, which has lasted the fair, Berlin has become the world epicenter of the horticultural sector.

More than 80,000 professional visitors and more than 3,000 exhibitors: importers, exporters, fruit and vegetable producers, wholesalers, retailers, packaging, shipping and transportation, logistics, etc. from more than 90 countries have gathered in the German capital.

The managers of the commercial department of Mundosol Quality have been present during the three days at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020. Although in this edition the perspective of the fair has been from the other side of the counter, ad own, it is true that the commercial department of Mundosol Quality has not stopped greeting, visiting, chatting and negotiating around our sector: citrus fruits, both with suppliers and with customers and partners that we have on five continents.

For Mundosol Quality the German event is undoubtedly one of the most important for the expansion of our brands along with that of Fruit Attraction Madrid.

Mundosol Quality is a Murcian family business that grows, manipulates and markets citrus fruits, especially lemon. Mundosol has its own facilities of 45,000 m2 and 1100 hectares of its own land in citrus plantation, both organic and conventional cultivation.