Primofiori campaign begins on the farms of Mundosol Quality


In the fields of Quality Mundosol has started this week to collect the lemons first campaign 2013/2014, a few days ahead of schedule by the company to respond to market demand.

Workers at the company Murcia lead from the September 25 gathering the fruits that during these months the ingeieros and farmers have cultivated and pampered in order to meet the demand of our partners year after year Mundosol trust to offer its customers the best products.

Currently, our engineers is happy because of the extraordinary quality lemons have so far collected.

In terms of quantity, is agreement as the first extimaciones speak of a sufficient volume to meet the demand of the markets.

Global data

According to experts the start of this season will be marked by the early termination of the campaign in the South (Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa) as a positive, as it will allow our product is positioned before the markets, mainly Europe.

While as a negative element important note is the Turkish competition also Mediterranean climate, which is expected to increase lemon crop, especially in the first part of the campaign. Besides this harvest is favored by low production costs that exist in Turkey.

The campaign is expected Primofiori sedesarrolle Mediterranean under regular and significant additional volumes progressively. According Ailimpo (Interprofessional Association of Lemon and Grapefruit) for this crop 2013/2014 is expected to increase production by 11% over the previous season.