Drunk lemon cake

This is an easy and inexpensive recipe, plus tasty.

Ingredients for 4 people:

• 300 ml. orange juice
• 3 lemons
• zest of one lemon
• zest of one orange
• 350 grams. sugar
• 250 grams. butter
• 250 grams. flour
• 100 grams. icing sugar
• 4 eggs
• 3 egg whites
• water

We will start mixing the butter with the sugar, lemon zest, beaten eggs, and flour, and when we have this mixture ready, pour into a mold greased with a little butter, then by baking for fifty minutes, a temperature of 180 ° C, with the preheated oven.

While makes us the cake, mix the juice of three lemons, together with the icing sugar and coceremos for a couple of minutes. After that, put a pot to boil a cup and a half of water with a little sugar, letting it cook for ten minutes. Next, add orange zest, and will remove the pan from the heat, allowing it to cool for fifteen minutes.

Then add the orange juice, mix it well, and spend all into a container to place it in the freezer. And let stand for about three hours, breaking the glass with a fork every half hour, to keep us from freezing completely. After expiry of that time, mount the egg whites until stiff and add them to the container we have in the freezer, mixing well, and will thus introduce the container in the freezer for two hours, breaking the same way crystals are formed, every half hour. After expiry of that time, and with the cake and desmoldado, it will cut into individual portions, and will water with lemon sauce and accompany with orange sorbet.



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