Hake with mushroom sauce and lemon


• Sliced ​​Fresh hake
• Lemon Oil
• Sal
• Flour
• Juice of lemon
• 100 grams of pine nuts
• Pepper
• Chopped parsley


We began to prepare the washing hake, and by salting lightly flouring the surface. In a frying pan, put a little olive oil and begin frying the hake slices on both sides. We will covering the pan to retain its best flavor.

When turn around, take the opportunity to put the species: pepper and parsley.

When we get to have golden brown slices of hake proceed to take them out on a tray.

Before preparing escurriremos lemon sauce, it is important that the lemon is fresh and have drained at that moment. In the same pan that we used for hake, and with the remaining oil, pine nuts will to brown a bit and take the flavor to the fish. When they begin to be created golden add the flour we have not spent on floured hake. It is important to move the sauce a little to avoid lumps. Also, add the pepper and lemon juice.

Now we will just put the sauce over the slices of hake and ready to present and ready.


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