Pancake recipe

The ‘pancakes’ are patties made ​​from milk, eggs, flour and sugar. While they are typical of the Anglo-Saxon countries in almost all cultures there is a similar food like ‘pancakes’. Some countries, like the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, have in their festive calendar with ‘Pancake Day’: one day a year in which the pancakes are the protagonists. During the day it is traditional to eat them, and no excuses not to do.

The curious ‘Pancake Day’ for us is that the pancakes in most of these countries are accompanied by a kind of ‘Nutella’ based on butter and lemon marmalade.

Yesterday was the celebration of ‘Pancake Day’ this year, which is why I will present this rich recipe.

The ‘pancakes’ are very small, fluffy and thick as they are made with yeast. Usually taken for breakfast or afternoon tea. Traditionally were made in a circular plate, although today it is common to prepare them in the pan. Prepare ‘pancakes’ at home is quick and easy.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • Cake flour (250 g)
  • Yeast (1 teaspoon and a half)
  • Egg (1)
  • Sunflower oil (1 tablespoon)
  • Milk (300 ml)
  • Icing sugar (30 g)
  • Salt (a pinch)
  • Butter for frying

To the accompaniment:

In UK the ‘pancakes’ are usually accompanied by a kind of ‘Nutella’ prepared with butter and lemon marmalade, although it is true that supports any sweet or savory accompaniment.

Source: @MasEdimburgo


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