Thermomix lemon foam

Ingredients (4 people)

  • 100 g of white sugar
  • 75 g of lemon juice
  • Lemon peel
  • 2 eggs at room temperature
  • 10 g cornstarch
  • 225 g whipping cream


Wash and dry lemon with a potato peeler to remove two pieces of skin without any white part. Put them in a glass with sugar and spray for 15 seconds at progressive speed 5-7-9.

Add the lemon juice, eggs and cornstarch. Programming mix 20 seconds, speed 4.

Then set 8 minutes, 100 º, speed 2. Elapsed time we have a heavy cream with a delicious smell and taste of lemon. Remove to a bowl and let cool. Lest crusts put a piece of transparent film glued to the supercie cream.

Place the butterfly in the glass clean. Pour the cream and set speed 3 1/2 out of time. Remove 125 g of whipped cream and mix with cold cream.

Spreading the foam into 4 glasses or pretty bowls.

The rest of cream place it in a pastry bag with a curly tip. Decorate the top with a few drinks and candies, jelly beans or citrus caramelized crust.

If you furnish the tops with cream 120g put only to be mixed with lemon cream as directed.

Ideally decorate the glasses a few hours before lunch or dinner and keep them in the fridge until serving.



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