5 stars

A 5 star hotel is one that offers a superior level of service and comfort and in which no detail is ever omitted. They are characterized by offering the best service and the widest range of services that should be focused on offering maximum comfort and relaxation. This is how all the insects that inhabit our margins and multifunctional parterres are. Among the plant species of intense blooms (lavender, rosemary, myrtle, almond, mastic, sage, oleander …), our lemon trees with the staggered flowering from February to June and the spontaneous and seasonal plant species, serve as food support to coexist with the lemon trees throughout the year.

One of the things that were missing were structures to nest and during these last years we have solved it with the realization of the houses or ‘hotel nest’ that lead this post.

The only bad thing is that they are almost 5 stars because if one detail is omitted: water. The tremendous drought that currently lives in Spain is suffering from our lemon trees all the beings that accompany their micro habitat, including our friends the predatory insects and pollinators.

These hotels are made from the use of the resources that gives us the farm: old wooden pallets, bricks of waste of work, pineapples that have fallen from the pines, old rods of entutoramiento of plantations of young saplings, old branches and some than another cactus; In short, a sustainable hotel with the environment, taking full advantage of the old recycled materials at the service of our friend nature.

This beautiful initiative aims to promote pollination and encourage our interest in evaluating the potential of these pollinating insects and their relationship with plants, in addition to their winter survival. Without a doubt, it is a great measure to remind us of the importance of a good ecological and sustainable balance with the environment.