In April, the flower begins to come

Not without reason to proverb that the title of these lines as flowering varieties of lemon are continuing this month, more than 50 percent of these flowers are fully open and even a high percentage are shedding their petals.

Flowering is ahead this year compared to previous years. One reason is the current mild temperatures that cause damage Prays citri, major pest that attacks the lemon flower is less than other years.

Yes, the popular saying ‘in April, thousands of water’ is not entirely fulfilling, since only they have collected four liters of rain across so far this month.

Carpobrotus edulis

Another important blooms at this time of year can be found on the banks of irrigation ponds. The rafts are lined to prevent erosion, with a plant called Carpobrotus edulis, known as ‘cat’s claw’, whose bloom, as seen in the photo, is spectacular.

Its purple petals and yellow stamens striking increase and the smell of nectar is not lost on our ‘friends’ bees.

Polytechnic University of Cartagena

On 21 March we received a very special visit to our farm ‘Hacienda El Pino’: students in the subjects of Ecological Agriculture Phytosanitary Control and Citrus Fruit of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, accompanied by the head professor in the Department of Plant Production Ms. Josefina Contreras.

Undoubtedly, it was a rewarding visit for the group of people who form the department of technicians and field engineers Mundosol Quality. During the day we could share with our future colleagues how to maintain soil fertility and enhance plant biodiversity, in addition to reviewing the methods we use in the phytosanitary control.

It’s nice to see that the quarry agronomists is fit and ready to face future challenges.

Relevant work

The farm management follows the typical routine of spring: review of irrigation, tree pruning, pest control and natural enemies to maintain balance in the plots and minimizing pesticide treatments and land preparation for the next planting of different varieties of lemon.

Mundosol Quality

¡Charming sunrise!

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