Mundosol Quality

¡Charming sunrise!

October, the month par excellence for changes, time changes, temperature changes. Although it seems to be resistant, as the days go by, the drop in temperature is noticeable, as well as the first dew, an important fact that favours our crops. Despite the fact that the rain is resisting us a little, for the moment, we do not have much complaint, these temperatures come as a ring to the finger. We hope that in the coming months the rain will take over and refresh our crops.

At the foot of the fields…

We’ve started picking our lemons!

And as always, we want to give visibility to the field, the work that is done there and allows us to obtain our fruits, which despite the current situation we are living #thecamponopara, never stops, continues to work and fight to offer our best lemons.

Curiosities… as commented in the previous entry of ‘The Countryside Live’, a hut has been installed in the farm in order to observe possible visitors (mostly pollinators). In the image you can see a hymenopter working on it.

Detalle caseta para polinizadores

Detail of the pollinator house.

Fruit Attraction

With the new normality that we are experiencing, it has also forced us to invent new ways to continue expanding and making ourselves known to the world. These days we should be in Madrid, participating in Fruit Attraction, a world reference event that we like to participate in year after year. Thanks to a new and advanced platform, it has been possible to carry out the event in a non-presential way.

Therefore, this 12th edition of Fruit Attraction will be the first edition in history to be held in a telepresential way.

We cannot end this month’s blog without referring to the current situation and wishing you all good health and caution, always wearing your mask, for you, for me and for everyone #PONTELAMASCARILLA, together we can stop this.