Holy Week at Mundosol Quality

Today, Friday of Dolores, begins Holy Week, a week of religious parades, where the Nazarenes pay homage to Christianity and their faith in him.

Something similar has happened in the farms, especially in our farm located in the foothills of the Sierra de Carrascoy, a few weeks ago they were out of their bags to the Pion processionaries (Thaumetopoea pityocamp), these larvae of the lepidoptera leave the bags ( as seen in the image that heads the post) and fall to the ground form a line or procession, be careful with them that are urticantes (perhaps they were moving their steps from one church to another to decorate them to go out in procession this Easter ).

Although its control is biological (Bacillus thuringiensis), we decided this spring to monitor this pest and mass capture with the specific pheromone of this pest, since although Bacillus thuringiensis is respectful with the environment, we do not want other lepidoptera (not as harmful as the processionary) are altered by an ecological treatment based on it. We do not want the lung of our farm, the immense pine forest is altered by any human action.

This biological phytosanitary product is also important in our crop, as it effectively controls the pest that affects the flowering of the lemon tree (Prays citri) and that can produce serious losses in the expected production.

After the last rains occurred throughout Spain (except for the Spanish Levante, where all the lemon production is integrated), the levels of the marshes continue to increase (even though the melting has not yet begun). Our need for water resources makes us focus especially on the reservoirs of Entrepeñas and Buendía, since these accumulate 400 Hm3, by law, there would be a Tajo-Segura transfer and in the Levante we would begin to breathe after a year under the transfer 0.

Who knows if the Resurrection Sunday, the resurrection of the Levantine orchards!

Parterre ubicado en la Finca Hacienda el Pino (MundosolQuality)

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