It’s hot and… you know it

Many are the images that bombard us daily whatsapp our contacts ironic where Julio Iglesias’ sentences are the protagonists. In this blog, the team of Engineers and Technicians Country Mundosol Quality, wanted be no less and we have signed up for fashion. What better month to do it: the month that named our ‘figure’, one of the most important artists of the Spanish scene.

The heat has come hard in the Region of Murcia. Temperatures higher than 32oC have been recorded for several hours a day in recent weeks. We are still acclimating, but trees have responded luxury at these high temperatures. The new branches sprout energetic, as seen in the picture.

The fruit continues its normal development and growth of the time. In late September we will have the first fruits of the fine range at the optimum time to collect.

Football and lemons

Coinciding with the final outcome of the World Cup in Brazil, has ended the physiological fall of the last remaining fruit on the trees. Although the result of ‘La Roja’ has not been very rewarding, fruit drop as the lemon itself have shed less fruit than in previous campaigns ensuring a very good production. On the other hand, new plantations have already begun to respond to the care that we submitting. The field is very grateful and these lemon in a few years will give us their best lemons.

During this month we will also be quite ‘entertaining’ certified Land. The audits will be the keynote in July. But thanks to the work of all staff working on farms Mundosol Quality is gratifying to know that another year aspire to Olympic Gold the modality.

Mundosol Quality

¡Charming sunrise!

October, the month par excellence for changes, time changes, temperature changes. Although it seems to be resistant, as the days…

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