Amanece en Mundosol Quality

It sounds in Mundosol Quality ‘Resistiré, to continue cultivating. I will fight the Covid-19 and I will never give up … ‘

In a somewhat strange month of April, we continue with the state of alarm, the population has been confined at home for more than a month. Given this situation, all the events of Easter and our beloved Spring Festival have been suspended.

Once again, our sector, AGRICULTURE, continues to demonstrate its essentiality.

At Mundosol Quality we contribute as much as possible to the eradication of Covid-19, taking our tractors to the street, collaborating with various municipalities for cleaning and disinfecting them.

All this anomalous situation, added to this time also somewhat strange, leaving the beginning of the year one of the wettest in recent times, making certain tasks at the foot of the field are postponed. But we are not going to complain about the rain!

After a few years where water scarcity was the protagonist, these months ago, accumulations of rain that are quite favorable for our lemon trees are being generated.

Green cover, El Pino farm.

Meanwhile, a country cake…

Our green covers are in full bloom, providing a spring image, so typical of the time. Among the many benefits provided by spontaneous vegetation is a fundamental one: the attraction that bees exerts on our friends, which are currently at work (thank goodness they are not affected by confinement) helping in pollination of our lemon trees.

With these temperatures, lower than usual on these dates, we are limited to field technicians who carry out a good control of the lemon moth, says Citri. Next month, although the flowering of the lemon tree will be almost finished, we are going to be extremely careful with Ora citri as it is a lepidopteran that although it attacks the flowers it can also do a lot of damage to freshly curdled fruits.

With this month’s post we intend to tell you a little about our day to day in the field, in addition to giving strength to all the people who are helping, according to the possibilities of each one, the reduction of the curve to be able to get out of this as soon as possible global pandemic.