Mundosol Quality


This year 2020 has not been the year that everyone wished and hoped it would be, in fact, it has been the most difficult year so far in the 21st century, it has meant a before and after in the lives of many people. Therefore, we wanted to say goodbye to 2020 with the famous version of the hastag #limonanji, wishing you all a happy 2021 full of health and good intentions.

At the moment 2021 does not cease to surprise us, a few days after the beginning of the year Filomena visited us, leaving a large part of the Peninsula dyed white, leaving in its wake unpublished images.

As for our area, temperatures dropped considerably for a few days, even reaching temperatures below 0˚C, although, fortunately, it was only for a short time. On the positive side of things, we can see how the low temperatures have led to a reduction in the incidence of pests. Filomena has also left us with generous rainfall in its wake, water that has come like a ‘ring to the finger’, allowing our lemons to cool down. We have gone from winter temperatures to end the month with spring-like days, reaching 26 ˚C in some parts of the region.

And in the meantime…

It seems that this year we have been good and the Three Wise Men have rewarded us with some well loaded lemon trees.

New year new goals, we start the year updating the documentation required in the company: with new goals to achieve, new projects, certifications… We continue to finalise the release programme, among many other objectives. We intend to find out the useful fauna housed in the plant structures (LCA) installed on the farm, and to do this, a protocol has been drawn up and then put into practice. This involves beating hedges using an entomological funnel, with the aim of finding out about the natural and phytophagous enemies of the LCAs and thus being able to promote this resource.

And we are still committed to biodiversity, to improving the environment around us and to a production that respects the auxiliary fauna, which is why the Mundosol Quality family is committed to our field technicians who continue to be trained in ‘Organic Farming’ and ‘Biological Control’, which allows them to acquire knowledge and be able to carry it out in the field.