San Isidro Labrador

Fields are blessed in honor of our patron ‘San Isidro Labrador’ feast we celebrate on the 15th of this month. Since the field is quite needed the blessed rain would not hurt to bring him the ‘San Isidro’. For the predictions we handle we expect a dry summer.

In Murcia, the week after Easter the Spring Festival are held and these are low pilgrimage to our beloved Virgin of Fuensanta, patron of the city, from the foothills Sanctuary to the Cathedral. Typically during this pilgrimage tears of ‘morenica’ fall on our land and this year, as not been repeated in history. It was probably the only day in April it has rained something.

On May 15, farmers celebrate as ‘San Isidro’ taught us, that earth plowing and working the feast of our patron. Thus, the land is ready to receive the new trees will plant with the greatest nuetras illusions. This summer the alert on these seedlings should be of vital importance in our work plans as there will be emphasized in the proper growth of these. On the one hand we must control the irrigation water we miss them at any time, but perhaps most important is control Phyllocnictis citrella (‘citrus leafminer’). This microlepidopter primarily attacks the leaves so that the buds are dried as a result of breakage and shedding of the cuticle leaving the parenchyma sun.

Daily work

The lemon trees bloom has terminated smoothly attacks the ‘moth lemon flower’ (Prays citri) and fruit development and growth is going well. Now it is crucial for the development of future lemons we must prevent the larvae of ‘white louse’ (Aspidiotus nerii) installed in the star flower and these larvae are responsible for producing an increase in time the second generation of the louse.

In a citrus grove, as you can see the length of the post we are going up, does not stop at any moment!