The slope of January

With the arrival of the new year 2014 our farms continue its normal course. The cold affects trees leaving almost no activity, as they say in the field are very ‘paradicos’. Temperatures not yet being produced in extremely low call trees winter break.

Climate records from last December and part of January in two of our farms have been compiled by the Information Service Agroclimatic of Murcia ( This service has two stations a few kilometers from some of our farms: one in Alhama de Murcia and the other in La Palma, Cartagena.

The farm that has Mundosol Quality near the town of Alhama de Murcia is ‘Comarza’. It has registered an average humidity of 67.6%, with an average temperature of 9.4º C.

The finca ‘El Pino’, next to the weather station of La Palma, the records are softer due to its proximity to the Mar Menor. It has an average humidity of 75.5%, with an average temperature of 11.2ºC.

The humidity during these past few weeks has been very high, with daytime fog almost every day. As we can see in the image corresponding to a January morning in ‘Comarza’.

The most important work we perform on our farms at this time of year consist of pruning mature trees, tilling the soil surface to eradicate the bad weeds emerging after the autumn rains, mechanical removal of adventitious herbs that are on the line of ‘portaemisores’ irrigation and reviewing irrigation to control clogging irrigation emitters.

Other works

In addition, we also took these days to prepare the ground thinking that future plantings will take place this spring, boot old trees, collect the irrigation system previously used for recycling and to make proper soil aeration, and to launch the new irrigation system that ensures us an effective growth of new plantings.

In February finish the ‘sale’ in irrigation and fertilization to ensure a vigorous new sprouts that if the winter weather permitting, we will go over these. We are beginning to see the first buds swollen, hopefully the ‘Wonderland acarus’ (Aceria sheldoni) respect us and not deformed new shoots.


Mundosol Quality


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