Junio 2021 Mundosol Quality

Summer’s here, summer’s here (bis) and the lemon’s set, summer’s set (bis) Summer’s here, summer’s here (bis) and the party’s started, the party’s started (bis)

Summer is here!

And with it comes the long, hot days and… the final report cards! Mundosol Quality’s field technicians are doing the final evaluations of the course as the audits period is about to end: Global Gap, Grasp, LEAF, CAERM…

We would like to congratulate them for the excellent marks they are getting. They have finished the course with honours, and no wonder. At Mundosol Quality we are very committed to the environment and to favouring the environment through biodiversity and this is reflected in the results we are getting.

This month of June has been somewhat atypical in terms of rainfall, with accumulated rainfall of 40 mm in just two hours in some of our farms. After this sporadic storm it seems that everything has returned to normal and the thermometers continue to rise progressively as we move into the summer. These temperatures favour the setting of the lemon and also allow pest levels to remain below the economic threshold of damage.

The summer and the good temperatures encourage us to go out and not only us but also our friends, the wild bees, and many of our natural enemies.

On the field…

We continue with the weeding of adventitiae, always paying special attention to the irrigation systems to avoid possible obstructions or breakages.

We continue to increase biodiversity on the farm and to this end we have installed hedges around some of the perimeters of the Hacienda El Pino farm, always aiming to improve the environment and promote not only the appearance of natural enemies and pollinators, but also their establishment. It is important that they feel comfortable on our farms and do not need to move around in search of food or shelter.

The verna lemon harvest continues as normal.

Meanwhile, our youngest members of the family….

At the end of May a new plantation was made (image at the top of the post) in one of our farms, which are growing like lightning, and the first buds are beginning to appear. It is important to pay special attention to the citrus leafminer when they are so small. It is a micro-lepidopteran that damages the young shoots by feeding on the cuticle of the leaves, thus reducing the photosynthetic capacity of the plant and the new plant mass.

And with this post we say goodbye until September! We’ll have lots of news to tell you when summer comes back!

Enjoy the summer, see you soon.