Lagarto Juancho Mundosol Quality

Think green: friendly visits at Mundosol Quality

As the saying goes, ‘in April a thousand waters’, although there is another saying that ‘it never rains to everyone’s liking’.
Water falling from the sky is always welcome in these lands where water scarcity is a limiting factor. The good weather wants to appear and with it the hopes of returning to normality soon, it seems that the vaccines are taking effect and little by little we are getting out of this unusual situation.

As image of the month we would like to highlight our friend the ‘juancho lizard’, who, in some of our routine walks of the field technicians department, has come back to visit us and we have placed some shelters for reptiles in our farms, which he seems to have liked. At Mundosol Quality we continue to support biodiversity, with the installation of ‘hotels’ that guarantee its establishment.

On the field…

Although the rain has delayed the work a little, we continue with the established release programme of natural enemies, as we can see in this picture.

Responsable de plagas realizando suelta preventiva de Aphytis melinus Mundosol Quality

At the beginning of the month we have started with the preventive releases of Aphytis melinus for the control of red louse (Aonidiella aurantii) and white louse (Aspidiotus nerii) and Neoliseius californicus for the control of red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae).

With the rains of the last few days, our plant cover is in full swing and the clearing of adventitious plants is non-stop. We are also finishing the pruning of the fino variety and starting to harvest the verna variety.

In the next few weeks we will be carrying out a test with carabids to control snails in collaboration with the University of Murcia. In this way we are materialising Mundosol Quality’s great commitment to research and development.

See you in May, the month of flowers!