‘Formation pruning’

In Mundosol Quality farms, and once collected the fruit, is proceeding to make the call ‘formation pruning’ in 11000 lemon trees of the variety ‘Fino 95’ (Primofiori) grafted on pattern ‘C. macrophylla ‘we possess.

These trees will have three years this spring and we must assure healthy growth of new shoots. The pattern and range chosen for these lemon ensure rapid growth, so proper pruning is essential.

‘Formation pruning’ is called a light pruning is carried out on the basis of removing the vigorous ‘suckers’ (branches that grow vertically and will not fruit) and the branches of the tree are born inward excessively entangling itself the cup.

Definitely, it is clear the center of the tree to facilitate proper growth, facilitating the entry of light in the breasts of the trees.

As can be seen in the image, the organic remains of branches after pruning standing in the street between the trees to subsequently crushed.

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