Lemon juice as a drummer?



– Calculator without batteries

– A piece of copper

– A piece of steel

– Two cables

– A lemon

Is to fabricate a stack with a lemon, a copper electrode and a steel.

The methodology is based on lemon cut into two pieces and make the assembly of FIG. Cables to each tip calculator and steel and copper are connected. Is introduced into the lemon, copper and steel and given to ON it connected to the apparatus: calculator, lamp…

What will happen? It’s ready to use, you do the operations you need.

What if I remove the steel lemon? The calculator is turned off.

And the same will happen if we remove copper? Yes, we have seen that it is necessary that the two are within the lemon.

This experiment may not work at all, because it does not produce enough electricity to light the bulb or the calculator. Depends on many variables lemon acidity, the placement of the electrodes, the surface thereof, its nature … Works great when the electrodes are plates of copper and zinc.