«The astute lemon»


With over 100,000 copies sold its French edition, the January 14 edition of Castilian one of the bibles of the literature on the lemon was launched.

Frédérique Julie, author of the book, presents the lemon as natural, effective, detox, vitamin, antiseptic, slimming … Lemon has all these features and more, you will discover in this book everyday, with thousands of tips easily explained.

Lemon cunning serves, among many other things, including:

  • Remedy for persistent cough
  • Antitoxins slimming drink
  • Scrub and relaxing oil
  • Balm for chapped lips
  • Laundry bleach
  • Aromatic sachet cabinet

Julie Frédérique woman is an advocate environmental protection and concienciada with their problems. Always be characterized by the search for natural and effective products that people can use and thus facilitate their daily life.