«Citrus limonum risso»


The scientific name of lemon is «Limonum citrus risso» and belongs to the citrus family.

The lemon is a small fruit tree that can reach up to 6m high. Its fruit is the lemon: edible, flavor and acid used in food, usually yellow but when growing is green. The lemon has a smooth, highly valued for joinery work hard, yellowish bark and wood. It is a hybrid species of citrus genus.

The lemon tree is native to Asia and was unknown to the Greek and Roman cultures. was first mentioned in books on agriculture in the 3 or 4 centuries. Its culture was not developed west to the Arab conquest of Spain, at which time it spread throughout the Mediterranean coastline which is now cultivated due to the qualities of its climate.

The lemon is high in vitamin C and citric acid, utlize to make desserts and fresh drinks.