City of Lemon, Costa Rica


Port Lemon or Lemon is a city of Costa Rica, head-board of the canton and the province of the same name.

The province of Lemon is located in the Caribbean littoral of Costa Rica and has a territorial extension of 9.188 square meters. It borders in the northern part and this one with the Caribbean Sea, to the northwest with Nicaragua, in the western part with Heredia’s provinces and Carthage, to the suoeste with the province of San Jose, in the southern part with Puntarenas’s province and to the south-east with Panama. The city of Lemon is located to a distance of 152 kilometres to the east of San Jose, the capital of the Republic, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. His port is the biggest and important for commercial uses of the country.

The city was officially founded in 1854 by Philipp J. J. Valentini, explorer and German archeologist, with support of the government of then. In 1871 the planes developed for the distribution of the city of Lemon: his streets are wide and are planned well. Really Lemon was the first Costa Rican city that was been planned urbanistically.

In general, we might say that, the province of Lemon possesses the highest index of demographic growth of Costa Rica.

Between his principal buildings there stands out, for his antiquity and architectural beauty, the building of Post office that nowadays shelters the Museum Etnohistórico. Also the old town of the city is very tourist, with numerous worthy buildings of visit.

Besides the Spanish, who is the official language, other languages are practised as the Englishman. The population afrodescendiente also communicates to herself medienta the mekatelyu, the bribri, and the cabécar, languages inherited from his forbears.