Food in yellow


Ever hath given you for thinking of the color of the food that you take? For our food is really balanced, nutritious and healthy should include a variety of foods, and therefore a variety of colors.

Far from what might appear the color of the food has a lot to do with their properties and the benefits to our health.

Lemon yellow

The yellow color is not only synonymous with optimism and luck, also positively influences food. If you want a natural source of youth you should definitely eat bananas, potatoes, pineapples, lemons …

Fruits and vegetables are rich in yellow betacarotenoides, substances that allow the liver to synthesize vitamin A, and are indispensable for perfect skin: smooth and elastic. In addition, these vegetables have high antioxidant power, ideal for taking care of our body inside and out.
As we have said many times, lemons are a whole concentrate of carotenoids and polyphenols. These substances protect from UV rays while preserving its vitamin C is essential to strengthen the body’s defenses.