Gourmet lemon


Gourmet is a French word translated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) as gourmet, as a person skilled in cuisine or fond of exquisite meals. The term is commonly used as an adjective to describe those refined foods processing.

The gourmet is associated with the most exalted of gastronomy. The quality of the ingredients and the preparation form is what determines a gourmet plate is considered or not.

Food also can be called gourmet, with those preparations that have been exquisitely made ​​with selected ingredients, with comprehensive hygienic and organoleptic properties. They have also been made ​​by people who, after many years of experience and a clear passion for haute cuisine, are prepared to offer a product that can be consumed by someone who really appreciates quality and finesse.

The gourmet products are not by definition the most expensive and exclusive, but those from a respectable collection or processing, regardless of price. They may belong to this classification both a fruit market as a plate of world’s most expensive restaurant.

Most craft products also belong to this category, as they have been carefully crafted by people who love their work and want to offer a quality product; even those that have additives to preserve them (provided they do not affect the organoleptic quality) can be gourmet products.

Gourmet lemon

Therefore a lemon can also be described as gourmet serving that has been selected from seed resulting in the plant which is located in an area with proper microclimate for proper growth, maturation, flowering and growth of fruit . When such fruit is ready to be cut is selected him away from the nuts.