Juice of lemon like deodorant


One of the multitudes uses that the lemon has is like a deodorant. The juice of lemon is an alternative to the deodorants.

The acid in the juice of lemon kills gérmenes, bacteria and mildew, is true that it does not sterilize 100 % but other commercial brands either.

Give him only an opportunity to the lemon in order that it you demonstrates that it can provide with the evil his smell even much better than any deodorant of brand.

It applies only 10 drops in every asilla after tidying up yourself and you will see the results. Even, though you belong to these «difficult» persons to which » they him do not serve » many you mark because of all forms they contract badly smell, you will see this powerful natural deodorant it will be able with you.

To aromatize rubbish

The use of remaining rinds of lemon and citrus fruits in the elimination of the garbage is a great way of deodorizing the bucket of garbage that so often can detach not very agreeable smells.

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