‘The Lemon’ also is a Venezuelan city


The Lemon beside being the name of the fruit of the lemon tree is the name of a city placed to the northwest of the condition Aragua in Venezuela located in the banks of the river The Lemon, at the foot of the National Park Henri Pittier.

The Lemon is the capital of the municipality Mario Briceño Iragorry and has a current population of approximately 99.449 inhabitants.

The name of this city, unlike what we can think, is acquired of the river The Lemon, river that the population crosses and his waters water the agricultural bordering sembradíos, and not for the plantations of lemon trees that exist in his lands, which skimp.

The areas where nowadays one finds The Lemon, were from the epoch of the Spanish conquest, part of an estate of culture of sugar cane.

Between the first owners there was the captain Diego de Ovalle, landowner of Portuguese origin. Later these lands were sold to third persons and parcelled up to having several names and several owners.

The climate is determined by the steps of the relief and ranges between between the 16,8 °C and the 28 °C in the high zones. The average temperature of is 24 °C. The rains are frequent and arrecian much in the middle of the season.

In The Lemon economic activities develop mainly related to the crafts and the plastic arts, textile confection and of footwear, industry linked to the alternative medicine and to natural products.

Hereby, already we know a bit more on the Venezuelan city that the same name has that our raw material.

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