Lemon effects


Generation after generation, lemon and its derivatives have been used for culinary purposes, healing and even aesthetic.

There are countless positive effects attributed to this fruit given its components: citric acid, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamins so that your body as B and C.

Cosmetic effects

In times when there were no such everyday products today as lacquer or hair gel, this citrus juice was used to fix and beautify the hairstyle.

Although this practice has been relegated to the memory in the Western world, there are other aesthetic uses lemon juice, far from being abandoned, remain in force between the new generations.

One of these uses is to introduce a few minutes the fingernails in lemon juice in order to whiten, strengthen and beautify. For this trick usually turn all those people who want a French manicure look natural, white nail polish on the tips.

Cuticles also benefit from this bath juice since, as nails, are also enhanced.

The lemon leaves exhale soft and pleasant aroma of lemon, why still no one to rub on clothing and even on the skin to perfume.

Relaxing effects

The latter use, in addition to being of service to the aesthetics, it is also helpful in reducing anxiety, as the lemon fragrance has calming effect on the nervous system of the person who smells.

Consumed in the form of juice, this becomes citric together to valerian, best antispasmodic natural tranquilizer, since it has no side effects.

The high potassium content which houses the lemon makes the consumption of this fruit acid yellow and is also beneficial for anyone who suffers heart problems or heart.

Digestive effects

Who has not recommended intake of lemonade to relieve indigestion? Lemon significantly reduces the amount of gas in the stomach, which solves the problem of swelling in the belly.

The intake of this fruit also stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juices, which is unquestionably benevolent for digestion of who takes it.

Constipation or intestinal worms are problems that affect a relatively high percentage of the latter society, especially children, who also can be combated with lemon intake of those affected.

Antiseptic effects

Formerly, grandmothers added to earth a little lemon juice to prevent pain and inflammation in the skin that cause the dreaded wasp stings.

Although today there are many drugs and suitable for this purpose, in the lemon juice with land remains the most used remedy when the pharmacy is far away.

Its disinfecting power achieved combat herpes virus and germs clean minor cuts, wounds and even the wounds, so this citrus is also used in these cases as a home remedy when it is not possible to apply a suitable drug.

The sting that causes the lemon juice in contact with wounds or buccal enamel wear are some of the minor inconveniences involved ingestion or application of lemon therapeutic purposes, which is why it is always recommended to take it with water and rinse lowered mouth thoroughly after eating.

This information is purely informative and in no case can be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.