Lemon and gastristis


Although citrus fruits are prohibited on diets to treat gastritis, there is one that is presented as the exception, and even as an effective treatment to improve the inflammation of the gastric mucosa: lemon.

It is a popular remedy that is recommended by word of mouth and people listen with suspicion, but it has been confirmed by health specialists.

Among the reasons that explain the benefits of lemon to treat gastritis, doctors said? Lemon is alkaline, especially lemon?. This means that within the organism lemon acid is neutralized and helps stabilize the acidity in the stomach.

And the benefits of lemon in this regard are not limited to controlling a passing sourness, but can even improve more complicated tables such as stomach irritation and ulcers.

This is because lemon has antiseptic effects, that is, living tissues that helps to reduce the risk of infection.

How to use

In order to neutralize the acids in the stomach, lemon can be ingested directly onto foods or liquids.

It can be used on salads, or squeezing a lemon in half glass of water and take 2 or 3 times a day.

This information is purely informative and informative and in no case be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.