Lemon geranium


Pelargonium crispum «Variegatum», commonly known as lemon geranium, is a compact, bushy plant which has green leaves and pale yellow and emits a citrus aroma. Beyond its use in the perfume industry, is also used to heal wounds and prevent mosquito attacks thanks to its medicinal properties.

Key features

This geranium fragrance known for its leaves. That strong lemon scent can be perceived not only when their leaves and flowers smell, but when an injury occurs to the plant or flowers are pressed.

In appearance we can say that is very bushy, while games and has very curly leaves. The height of these plants is varied as it can run into specimens ranging from 80 inches to five feet tall.

The lemon geraniums bloom occurs in spring and summer when we can see flowers and asymmetrical purple color, which are in umbel on a pendulum.

How to cultivate

Planting should be done in lands that are slightly acidic and well drained. They should be in sites where they are protected from frost and hardly withstand temperatures below freezing.

In the winter months the lemon geraniums do not require much watering, but in spring and summer flowering stage, it is essential to water them twice a week. Among the risks should leave the soil dry.