Lemon and its history


The lemon is a hybrid species of medical Citrus is native to southeast Asia.

History let us know that the barbarian invasions of the third century destroyed all the plantations of lemons that had in Europe.

Ten centuries later with the arrival Arabic reappeared in Spain.

The lemon came to America in the ship mounted conquistadors and was introduced to Europe by the Crusaders of the twelfth century through the Middle East and North Africa.

It was customary provisions were the first to join the long voyages properties were already known to prevent and combat scurvy disease that is caused by lack of vitamin C.


Although it is a fruit acid flavor are many properties that this little «flaw» becomes a great virtue, contains numerous nutritional benefits and healing.

The tree blooms year round and its varieties are classified according to the time of ripening fruit. It has various culinary uses, both for dressing as for cooking food or making liqueurs.