Lemon is an inexhaustible source of C Vitamin


Among the citrus lemon is probably the one that offers the consumer a greater number of health benefits.

The properties that make this citrus is so resorted worldwide is its low energy content, its sodium and potassium balanced and rich in vitamin C.

So beneficial properties of this citrus fruit were discovered in the eleventh century by the renowned Iranian philosopher and physician Avicenna attributed properties against dyspepsia, vomiting, jaundice and fever: a product produced about health benefits very positive the eleventh century.

Despite the increased use of this citrus occurred during the Age of Discovery, the lemon was the solution to one of the most feared diseases of seamen, scurvy.

Lemon is a product very handy when trying to clean the body, stimulating perspiration and to act as a diuretic, is one of the key elements when trying to make a diet as it is used in the period of attack by these effects.

This product is also easy to digestion, strengthen the defenses and relieves cramps.

Thanks to the effects of vitamin C on regular user of lemons may be away from your body to cold viruses and flu, it is also very useful for those people who perform physical efforts, as it is very useful when recuperate.


Another of the great health benefits is when you take the lemon on an empty stomach, as immune to many diseases, but above all its properties is related to diet, diets have it as one of the most used items when burn fat and lose kilos quickly, especially when taken on an empty stomach.

It is a product that is considered a great power beneficial to the body because it has much citric acid rich in vitamin C, also has pecticina, carotene, potassium salts and glucose, find elements associated with therapeutic actions.

This information is purely informative and in no case can be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.