Lemon juice to combat oral herpes


Do not know what to wear to take away from your mouth sores? Are you bothered by eating? Do you go often?

Oral herpes (which flows into the inside of the mouth) and cold sores (which springs from the lips) can be very annoying, plus unsightly when it goes out of the mouth. Usually this ‘evil’, which usually appear in the inner part of cheeks and lips at the corners of the mouth, suffer the vast majority of humans ever in your life.

Today we propose a way to combat it:

There are many ways to eradicate canker sores or oral herpes but we will submit that, in our opinion, is the best and healthiest. Herbs and fruits are full of medicinal properties to not only attack the problem, but to eradicate it and increase defenses cuerpo.Especialmente, citrus fruits are a great purification of the body, helping to cleanse intestines, blood and detoxify the body of harmful elements.

For best use, making citrus juice fasting. One great is that achieved by mixing the juice of a lemon and an orange freshly made (to retain their vitamin C). Not recommended sweeten citrus juices in this case since the very sting of these fruits helps speed the cure.


There are several causes for the occurrence of mouth or lip sores as:

  • Aggressive toothbrushing
  • Stress and lack of rest
  • Low intake of vitamin C and A
  • The lip sores are usually caused by the herpes simplex virus and are usually contagious
  • Prosthesis misplacement
  • Feelings of frustration or poorly understood beware can cause low defenses and repetitive sores
  • A poor absorption of nutrients or indigestion, inflammatory bowel
  • Unbalanced diet with few fruits and vegetables infections and/or very prolonged fevers

This information is purely informative and in no case be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.