The lemon like medicine


The lemon is one of the citrus fruits with more benefits for the health that they exist, there is a great multitude of remedies that are realized from the lemon.

The juice of lemon is very useful when there are nasal hemorrhages. To inhale juice of lemon for the nose to stop the hemorrhage is very effective. The same method serves to clear the head when a cold is suffered.

The remedy for what the lemon is more used is to help to attack the flu. There are boiled twenty grams of bark of lemon in half a liter of water and a cup takes on having gone to bed to relieve the symptoms of this so troublesome ailment.

Also it is habitual that applies the juice of the lemon to himself to relieve the cutaneous sores, the eruptions and the sores of the skin.

One of the problems that the mothers have is that his children are in the habit of contracting worms when they are small. To eliminate these parasites it is possible to grate the bark of a before washed lemon and boil in a water cup during three minutes. Later one adds a raw bad garlic clove and the infusion takes.

Against the halitosis

To attack the evil breath there is nothing better that to add the juice of a lemon in a glass of warm water this way to remove the deposit of the teeth and to finish with the evil I breathe. On having used this method it is necessary to have one been careful of the mouth be rinsed well by water to eliminate the citric acid that leaves the lemon since this one damages the enamel of the teeth.

The rheumatism is not a rival for the curative power of the lemon either. A massage with the lemon divided by the half in the areas where one feels pain is a domestic, cheap and effective remedy for this type of ailment.

Definitively the lemon is the citric one that possesses a great quantity of curative qualities that can be in use for getting better these ailments that do not allow to the citizen to take a placid and relaxed life.