Lemon, natural antibiotic


At this time of year, a few days after the arrival of spring, it’s normal daytime temperatures are high and low at dusk. For this reason even if it fits, refriarse. Today we propose a way to prevent those spring costipados as harmful.

People who are very active or live under chronic stress need more doses of vitamin C, as the body can not store this vitamin must be taken to eat foods rich in vitamin C every day. To combat the cold and shorten its duration is recommended to take 1000 mg of vitamin C daily. Lemon, like other fruits of the citrus family, besides being a natural source of vitamin C has an antiseptic and revitalizing function, which helps the body to prevent any attack.

Lemon tea, rose hips and hibiscus

If the properties gives us lemons we add the rosehip and hibiscus flowers get a natural and effective remedy. The bramble is the wild rose and berry contains high in vitamin C (1,200 mg per 100 g), is astringent and helps remove phlegm, for its part, hibiscus flowers in infusion are also rich in vitamin C but also are soothing and antispasmodic, they help reduce fever and ease the cough.

How do you prepare?

A spoonful of fresh rose hips left in a glass of water overnight. The next day he added that more than three glasses distilled water and boiled for 10 minutes. Infusion is strained and poured into a hot cup with a teaspoon of hibiscus flowers and leaves that repar about 3 minutes covered. After that, it becomes a strain and a fresh lemon juice is added. Remember that you can sweeten the taste infusion.
It is important this infusion drink several times a day.

This information is purely informative and informative and in no case be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.