Lemon properties


The lemon occupies one of the first places among the fruits curative, preventive and vitamin content.

It is without doubt a great eliminator of toxins and a powerful bactericide.

It has vitamin C in abundance that helps strengthen the body’s defenses to prevent disease, especially of the respiratory tract from a simple catarrh, hoarseness or tonsillitis to pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion, flu, pleurisy or asthma.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has great power and is a great disinfectant antitoxin against microbial poisons and medicated.

It also has a lot of vitamin P, which is what is responsible for helping to tone the capillaries and blood vessels.

It is also called vitamin capillary permeability without it vuelverían blood capillaries fragile and could break easily, causing small hemorrhages.

Helps heal wounds of all kinds, applied inside and out.


Lemon is a fruit rich in minerals including highlights potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, too contains a lesser amount sodium, iron and fluorine.

Potassium, for example, is imprescidinble to treat hypertension.

Summarizing, we could say it is the quintessential healing fruit as it acts as curative in many diseases.

In any part of the body where toxins are: blood, organs, tissues … once ingested lemon comes to combat and expel dissolving their accumulations.

Like any drug consumption is directly linked to the physical condition of each person, can be a great ally of health but their consumption should be restricted to situations of each individual particularized, being in those cases indicated no consumption.

It is contraindicated in cases of demineralization, softening, anemia, rickets, brittle bones, swollen gums, loose teeth and badly decayed, sores in the mouth and throat, cracked tongue, skin wounds, elderly or children weak, insomnia, acidosis, acid sensitivity, chronic constipation, prostate inflammation, inflammation of the matrix, bladder or esophagus.

Also the duration of the menstrual period and nerve diseases.

This information is purely informative and in no case can be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.