Lemon seedless?


One of the most serious clue differentiation between horticultural varieties is surely the absence of seeds. However, the technical limits especially segmentante leg and get this highly sought feature are considerable.

The first action is to get completely isolate the crops to avoid cross other citrus species colonization. Definitely is particularly difficult to achieve in islands or near-desert areas, as they have occurred to Moroccan producers have tried their ‘nadorcott’ variety produced in five isolated areas of the country, or the producers of California, the desert area your state.

The other technique is to use specific cultivars, although at different attempts have not been as positive should. The Californian ‘lisbon seedless’ attempt to not come to fruition due to the extremely small size of the fruit.

Different but similar happened in Spain with ‘bétera’ and Argentina with ‘eureka’ that after several production campaigns still has seeds. In South Africa does not seem to jell withhis tried ‘tm seedless’ due to its low production.

Is only slightly encouraging, although it is still premature to announce as such, the case of ‘limoneira seedless’ in Turkey.
Source: FruiTrop Focus