Lemon is synonymous of a close people


The lemon tree also is present in someone of the texts of the Hindu mythology. There is so amazing and fascinating this mythology that in one of his more important passages appears.

It tells us that the wicked demon called Hiranyaksha, in his zeal to do the evil, dragged the goddess of the land Budhevi (also goddess of the hope of the Hindu people) up to the sea bed. On having heard his weeping, Vishnu, it turned into wild boar and rescued her taking her up to the surface.

Of each of his eyes it fell a tear, first of that of the left side and wherefrom a grass was born: grass lemon or grass luisa. Immediately afterwards of that of the right and a tree was born. Both grasses had similar aromas but the last one had a white flower that after some time gave a fruit.

Vishnu decided to spread in a leaf of lotus the aroma of the tears in order that the whole humanity on having perceived this perfume had the hope of better life.

This aroma received LIMÜN’s name, which it means in collective Hindu: close people.

Budhevi she is considered to be also a goddess of the hope of the Hindu people.