Lemon Tiramisu


Did you know that one of the most famous singers of the Spanish panorama composed a song with the name ‘Tiramisú de limón’? Curious at least, right? Today we will discover more about this topic.

After four years without Joaquín Sabina lyrics on November 17, 2014 the album ‘Vinagre y Rosas’ with 13 new issues are published. The first single of the singer 18th of Jaén is called ‘Tiramisú de limón’.

‘Tiramisú de limón’ is a song with lyrics by Joaquín Sabina and Benjamin Prado and music Leiva, form ‘Pereza’. The production and instrumentation are provided by ‘Pereza’: Leiva plays drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, tambourine and vocals; and Ruben electric guitar and vocals.

The author

Joaquín Sabina was born in Ubeda (Jaén) in 1949. At fourteen he began to write poetry and play with friends. In 1968 Joaquin Sabina begins studies at the University of Granada, but left shortly after for exile in London, where he lived as a squatter and collaborated with other exiles in cultural and theatrical movements.

In 1975, Sabina started writing songs and playing in local. In 1977, after the dictatorship, he returned to Spain, where he had to perform military service. It is in 1978 when he published his first album: ‘Inventario’, getting the number one with the song ‘Pongamos que hablo de Madrid’. After this first album came others like ‘Malas compañías’ or recorded live ‘La Mandrágora’, with causing a minor scandal because of the issues it raises in his songs. In 1983 publishes ‘​​Ruleta rusa’ and two years later ‘Juez y parte’.

Later came the album ‘Joaquín Sabina y Viceversa’ and in 1987 ‘Hotel dulce hotel’, which became a bestseller in Spain. Success he repeated the following year with ‘El hombre del traje gris’ which served to give a tour of South America.
In 1990 he released ‘Mentiras piadosas’ and in 1992 ‘Física y química’. Get new hits, one with «Esta boca es mia’and ‘Yo, mi, me, conmigo’.

In his work ’19 días y 500 noches’, despite noticeable in his voice excesses with snuff, presents an album full of great songs. After recovering from a serious illness, brought a new studio album, ‘Dímelo en la calle’.

Joaquín Sabina In 2003 he published ‘Diario de un peatón’, a double CD that includes his album ‘Dímelo en la calle’ and another CD with 12 new songs and his last two video clips. In 2005, three years after its dump in literary and poetic activity reappears with a new job: ‘Alivio de luto’.

In November 2009, Sabina returns with a new album, entitled ‘Vinagre y rosas’, an album consisting of 14 songs in which Joaquín Sabina naked again, skeptical, utopian, real and fantastic, but never complacent.