‘Limonera’ pear


The pear is a fruit that can be eaten throughout the year as each season offers different varieties this fruit. The summer months are those of the ‘limonera’, the ‘blanquilla’ and ‘Williams’ pear. Pears are characterized by yellowish green colored skin and a sweet flavor, but each has different characteristics.

The ‘limonera’ pear is also known as ‘Doctor Jules Guyot’. A fruit that has an irregular shape and a smooth, very thin and pale green that turns yellow when mature skin is. Besides this like lemon color, hence making the name stand out crowd of black spots on his skin that extend uniformly throughout the piece is.

This pear pulp is white, and concentrated so much water that converts juiciness, very bad and makes Pear melt in your mouth and chew it just does not require, in a leading and characteristics of this variety. Its flavor is very sweet.

‘Be the limonera pear’

The characteristics of this fruit, fresh, lively and positive but somewhat acidic and explosive, also defined in a way our Spanish culture so often use the saying that we live in a place that is ‘limonera pear’.