Meaning of dreaming lemons


Lemons are completely natural and are usually closely associated with everything that has to do with health, depending on the interpretation of the dream also obviously vary so you should pay attention to every detail.

To dream that cut lemons mean that we may be suffering from some physical problems, maybe I can become the lack of physical activity, which is significantly important for maintaining a stable and good health, we must take even half an hour per day to practice some kind of activity either walking or cycling.

If we dream that we own a field which is full of lemons itsmeaning is clear, we will have great luck in business next start, especially in the workplace and that means earning some money began to go through a good time so it is essential that you begin to use it.

Other meanings

If on the other hand we dream we are selling lemons means that soon we will suffer certain economic problems, or try saving in case, spend as little as possible while investing in new projects.

If we dream we see lemons means that we will have some other health problem, however there will be nothing to worry about and that resulted nonsense like a flu or something, obviously does not mean that we should go to the doctor, always in case it is better to be safe than sorry.

Source: significadosueñ