Method to attack the symptoms of the cold


Now that already seems that the cold has come finally they will not be late in appear with him the cold, the flus, the sore throats and the handkerchiefs in offices, colleges and streets of the city.

Already be like prevention or for her priest of these small respiratory affections you let’s sense beforehand this simple and economic method that us can contribute everything what we need to protect ourselves from the cold and the gérmenes, as always of natural form.

The lemon occupies one of the first places inside the curative, preventive fruits and contribution vitamínico.

The honey, for his antiseptic properties, has been used always in popular medicine to attack sore throats.

And the ginger is a food of multiple benefits demonstrated for the health, the former generations already were using it to attack all kinds of respiratory diseases.

How to prepare a juice of lemon, honey and ginger to relieve the processes of the cold?

A chunk of fresh ginger (of the size of a thumb). If you do not have liquidiser, we advise you to grate it before beating it with conventional mixer.

An entire and bare lemon.

A spoonful of honey.

4 water cups.

We Will Mix well all the ingredients before taking the juice fasting.

It is important to take during the whole week this juice.

This information is purely informative and in no case can be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.