The rap 40 lemons


It was the summer of 1996 when a song about lemons in his letter took the number one in all our country music charts. Who more and who less at least once a day listening to the repetitive chorus, which is that ‘The Rap 40 lemons’ was already in all Spanish homes.

Juan Antonio Canta (1966-1996) artistic name of Juan Antonio Castillo, was the singer of the hit of the summer of 1996, a children’s song in a man’s world, a joke among friends who hides in his lyrics intelectualoides winks and references. All seasoned with an absurd choreography stunning girls in colorful contrast to his misanthropic aspect, armed only with his acoustic guitar and an apathetic and resigned, making him the eyes of all in Spain arrant more geek.

His entry into the world of entertainment it should be Pepe Navarro, who one day came into the cafe where he played and decided to sign him for their program: «Tonight we cross the Mississippi ‘Tele 5.

The artist

Juan Antonio was songwriter, poet and writer of Spanish accounts of the 90 was part of the group ‘Psychiatric Pavilion’ before she shot to fame with her song ‘Rap 40 lemons’. He committed suicide at age 30 for depression problems.

In his musical beginnings was singer Church in a group of young Christians, and in his teens began working with other artists of his city, forming the mid-80 along with other friends ‘Psychiatric Pavilion’ band that would reach some relevance recording four albums under the label Fonomusic and leaving several hits turned into hymns beyond our borders (Argentina razed in songs like «Immaculate» or «La Flute de Bartolo»).