Soap of lemon against skin blemishes


To take care of our skin is essential not only to keep her young woman but because his complexity needs in every stage of the life special treatments to support his hydration and flexibility.

The skin is the cap that protects all our internal organs, acting also as an insulating system of everything external that surrounds it and can affect her, being for it exposed to suffering external aggressions that derive in spots and dimnesses.

There exist diverse methods that are in use for eliminating these undesirable spots between them creams, lotions and enclosedly treatments with laser, but that not always give the satisfactory results for that we wait.

For it, many women choose to use natural treatments for the skin that dark spots help to eliminate in punctual zones like elbows, armpit, knees and inclusive in the face.

One of the natural options more used is the one that is realized based on lemon, that helping ourselves to eliminating the dark spots of the skin is the excellent bactericidal one that improves his condition of incredible form.


1 Soap of pure glycerine

Juice of lemon of 5/6 units

Zest of lemon of 2/3 units


It is necessary to melt the soap to » Maria’s bath «, adding then the essence of lemon and finally the grated rind.

After make the mixture, we will place it in molds and will allow that they should harden.

This domestic soap can be in use in the morning for washing the face and it will be achieved gradually to equalize the color of the skin.

It is one important assets against blackheads, burns of the Sun and even spots produced by the consumption of some medicine.

This information is purely informative and in no case can be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.