Tequila, lemon and salt


Tequila is one of the drinks on most myths are told. Although many assert, tequila is not nearly the strongest drink market. The tequila has a ranking of between 35 º and 55 º. By volume of alcohol are whiskeys, vodkas and gins with more alcohol content.

The tequila has 5 recognized varieties: white, young, reposado, añejo and extra. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile ingredients for cocktails, though his international fame seems only limited to Margarita. However, one of the most traditional ways in our pubs and bars shorts is drinking tequila with salt and lime. A fact that currently unfounded as discussed below.

Tequila, lemon and salt

The old days very poor quality tequila outside Mexico’s borders was sold. Instead of using blue agave used for manufacturing agricultural alcohols were very nasty tequila in the mouth and therefore the flavor was balanced when accompanied with salt and lime. Today is a meaningless ritual such as current tequilas are made at least 51% blue agave and just lemon and salt, will adulterate their true flavor. Although we know that against the fads and traditions little can be done.