Use lemon to absorb negativity


In this case, instead of talking about something scientific we will delve into the world of rituals and beliefs. It is common that once the means provided by nature, in this case the fruits of the trees, to combat those concerns could not be a fight be used medicinally. Some of those rituals have survived to this day and even practiced daily.


If you want to create a shield against negative feelings such as anxiety, stress, depression, resentment, envy or malice, nothing like using lemon on your crusade.

To do this you will need:
– A green lemon
– A small white plate

The method is easy to use:

Before going to bed to sleep, you must place the dish with lemon on the nightstand on the left side of the bed. When you’re sleeping, lemon absorb the negativity that you have and the help you receive. When Limín turns from green to yellow we should replace it. During the day it is advisable to have the lemon kept in a drawer.

There are people who take a daily lime in your purse or briefcase and is believed to protect us from envy and malicious individuals.