Do you want to have a flat stomach?


If you want to have a flat stomach, get plenty of exercise is not the only solution. Look at the idea that we propose that in addition to being healthy will help you in your quest.

Take an infusion of garlic and lemon fasting is what we suggest. Garlic acts as anti-inflammatory and helps to shrink the belly, and the role of the lemon is fat burner and as a source of vitamin C for your body.


2 cloves of garlic

1 lemon

warm water


Place 2 cloves of garlic in a cup and tritúralos. Then just add the lemon juice and add the warm water.

Take daily fasting and watch will help you enjoy that flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

Please note that this infusion will result if you combine it with a healthy, balanced diet.

This information is purely informative and in no case can be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. For any problem contact your doctor.