Company / CSR

The commitment made by Mundosol Quality to the environment in general, and to our geographical environment in particular, means that Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential component in our business concept and values.

At Mundosol we work to improve the quality of life of present and future generations, which is why we endeavour to reduce, year after year, our CO2 emissions. This commitment leads us to being fixated on making a responsible use of the resources that nature offers us, thanks to the new technologies applied to growing and processing. The global recycling policy has been implemented at Mundosol Quality since its creation.

There is no reason for innovation and technology to be incompatible with the concepts of environmental protection and sustainability. At Mundosol Quality we understand the word “innovation” as a synonym of future and quality, which is why we dedicate a large part of our economic resources to our R&D&I departments.

Periodically, we organise workshops so that employees who do not have daily contact with the tree and the countryside will be well-informed of all our work.

Another of the points on which Mundosol Quality places great emphasis is the optimization of the logistics chain, thus permitting a responsible use of energy.