Company / Installations

Mundosol Quality currently has 50,000 m2 of installations located in the traditional lemon-growing region of Vega Baja del Río Segura, of which 16,000 m2 are dedicated to production, divided into three main axes like a chain:

  • Orchard zone, where the lorries loaded with citrus fruits from the estates unload them and where the workers distribute them for their processing.
  • Processing zone, where the workers process the fruit depending on the requirements of each market and customer. This is the “heart” of Mundosol Quality.
  • Storage/pre-cooling zone, where the produce is prepared and awaits its loading for customer delivery.

The state-of-the-art technology held by Mundosol allows us to process organic products without treatment as well as conventional ones, thanks to independent work lines.

Adjacent to the warehouse are the offices, the “brain” of Mundosol Quality, 230 m2 where the various departments are found: purchasing, administration, accounting, production, quality, HR, management, logistics, R&D&I…

Adjoining the warehouse and offices are the 300 m2 dedicated to common areas: mainly staff changing rooms and canteen.

None of the abovementioned installations would be possible without the more than 1100 hectares of own crops that guarantee our different brand productions.


Overview of the Mundosol Quality frontage in the facilities that the company has in the Murada, are located the warehouse and the offices.

Aerial picture of one of the lines of work. Employees are responsible for packing the fruits in different packaging depending their final destination.

Aerial image of one of the several estates that Mundosol Quality owns.

The handled area is one of the axes in which the production is divided at Mundosol Quality. In the picture, a wheelbarrow move a pallet to the cooling zone waiting to be loaded.

In Quality Mundosol we offer our partners to try to offer the best products. Each our customers demand different garments depending on the market and is pleasantly obligation Mundosol respond to those needs.

The work we do in Mundosol Quality would not be possible without our farms, which provide us with the best raw materials to work.

Organize and distribute the various garments during the day is no easy, the expeditions team Mundosol Quality solves these and other problems in their daily work.

In the picture a group of vehicles in the fleet that Mundosol Quality available for equipment field technicians.

Detail of the entry to Mundosol Quality offices in La Murada.